blogGoogle accidentally leaks additional planned features for News personalization.

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Google accidentally leaks additional planned features for News personalization.

Just before today's update to Google's News personalization form, this version appeared for a few brief seconds, shedding light on possible new features in an upcoming release...

Google news featured uncovered

1. Given the current polarized atmosphere, providing the ability to filter results according to political leanings is not surprising, but the default settings will be viewed as a bit heavy handed.

2. After countless complaints, Google apparently has agreed that users should be able to dial back the Panda update in News results because "spun" articles have such a rich tradition in American journalism.

3. While less sinister than hiring an agency to highlight a competitors shortcomings, referring to this feature as "Personalization" is a bit of a stretch. An internal document claims that the "None" and "Fewer" buttons were omitted due to the long label, but a casual glance shows this is not entirely true.

4. We almost missed this one. Unable to find a legal way to incorporate results from other search engines, Google, in a bold move, will evidently allow users to swap algorithms to uncover otherwise missing results.

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